[mythtv-users] MythTV, seeking ahead / behind, NFS, and bandwidth usage

Jim Sager jim.sager at turner.com
Mon Aug 2 09:58:15 EDT 2004

I had this same problem when I created a frontend system and connected it to 
my masterbackend system. I found that my settings in myth were the problem. I 
have a NFS share created on my masterbackend and mounted it to /mnt/store on 
my frontend. I had to run mythsetup on the frontend and change the "IP 
address for <frontend hostname>" to my frontend's ip address and "Master 
server ip address" to the masterbackend's ip address. I also changed the 
"Directory to hold recordings" setting to point to my mounted NFS share, 
"/mnt/store". Once I made these changes I no longer had the seek delays that 
I had been experiencing. I am streaming my video from the backend to the 
frontend using wireless-g (54Mbps - approx.).

Hope this helps.


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