[mythtv-users] Inquiring Minds Want to Know (2.6, lirc, ivtv)

xeno at indigo.kicks-ass.org xeno at indigo.kicks-ass.org
Fri Apr 30 13:29:05 EDT 2004

I am running:

kernel 2.6.4 (vanilla + flameeyes lirc patch) under gentoo
vanilla cvs mythtv
the latest ivtv release (0.1.10pre2, pvr250)

Everything sort of works fine, except where lirc is concerned. If I don't 
compile lirc into the kernel I have 0 problems with stuff. If I compile it 
in, ivtv poops on occasion and the remote works poorly and sporadically.

Apart from rolling back to previous versions of ivtv, has anyone 
encountered this problem and discovered a solution? 

Eric Jones

xeno at indigo.kicks-ass.org
joneseh at uah.edu

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