[mythtv-users] need help on picking the right hardware for mythtv box

Rob Willett rob.mythtv at robertwillett.com
Fri Apr 30 07:44:32 EDT 2004

I'll tell you what I have.

Motherboard: Asrock K78SX. OK, but no firewire and not enough onboard USB 2.0 ports.
CPU: Athlon 2800XP. Great chip, fast.
RAM: 512MB 333DDR.
DISC: 2x160Gb Samsung IDE drives. Quiet and fast. Not raided.
VGA: Chaintech MX4400 (Cheap nVidia card with S-Video output)
Soundcard: Onboard on Asrock
DVB card: Nebula DVB card.
Case: Accent HTP case.
IR: Cheap IR keyboard.
No hardware decoder, that's what the Athlon is for.


Quoting Martin Mathiassen <martin.mathiassen at dansikring.dk>:

> Any help  will be greath
> need to know
> what will work
> motherboard
> cpu
> ram
> disc
> vga card 
> soundcard
> decoders
> and so on 
> want to be able to make it with out to many issues
> or if some one has made a good box resently will i like to what there has 
> been used for it
> Med venlig hilsen
> With regards
> Martin Mathiassen
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