[mythtv-users] lirc and Xine

Darren Richards darren.richards at cox.net
Fri Apr 30 00:29:12 EDT 2004

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> I will give that a try tonight although I believe it is finding lirc.
> Here's the relevant part of my ./configure
> [malcolm at mythtv xine-ui-0.9.23]$ ./configure |grep lirc
> checking for lirc_init in -llirc_client... yes
> checking lirc/lirc_client.h usability... yes
> checking lirc/lirc_client.h presence... yes
> checking for lirc/lirc_client.h... yes
> checking for "/lib/liblirc_client.a"... no
> checking for "/usr/lib/liblirc_client.a"... no
> checking for "/usr/local/lib/liblirc_client.a"... yes
> Looks to me it found everything lirc related it was looking for.  Sure it
> took 3 tries on liblirc_client.a but it found it.  I'm stumpted.
> Malcolm


Did you ever get your remote working with Xine?  I'm having troubles myself.
It seems that the focus remains on Mythtv.  Even if I click inside the xine
window, any remote commands still get intercepted by Mythtv.

I've set up my .lircrc files as outlined previously in this thread, but I
just can't get xine to accept remote commands instead of the Mythtv front
end.  Any ideas?


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