[mythtv-users] Re:Pundit front LED dimming

Couvrette, Jeffrey C. JEFFREY.C.COUVRETTE at saic.com
Thu Apr 29 20:07:58 EDT 2004

I found the same problem with my Pundit.  What I did is I just popped off
the front cover, pulled the LED's out of their seats in the front and then
just pulled them back so that then sat farther away from their windows in
the front cover.  That worked just fine for dimming the LEDs for me.  May
not be as elegant as you want, but it worked.  

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Has anybody worked on dimming the high-intensity blue LEDs on the front of 
their Pundit? I have mine in my bedroom that is currently covered with black

socks because the LEDs are way too bright; it's especially distracting when 
the machine is recording and the hard drive light flashes. 

I was thinking about adding a pot that's somehow accessible from the front 
that will dim the lights. I suppose I could just unplug the LEDs from the 
motherboard, but that would be too easy. :-) 

-Isaac F.

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