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Most LED dimmers use a duty cylce of some sort to lessen the ammount of "on" time.  A pot might work, but I think it would have a real narrow spot between off and nearly full bright.  A small 10 turn pot might work if you don't want to adjust it very often.
For power LEDs you could use a 555 timer and make the duty cylce variable.  It might pull too much current off the motherboard.  I think the hard drive flashes would be too fast as they are to charge a cap up.
The "best" way that I can think of to do it would be a PIC microcontroller that is powered off of a drive power plug, and modulates the power and HD LEDs when it gets a signal from them.  Needs a little more engineering, though ;-)
Mark Hanson

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	Has anybody worked on dimming the high-intensity blue LEDs on the front of
	their Pundit? I have mine in my bedroom that is currently covered with black
	socks because the LEDs are way too bright; it's especially distracting when
	the machine is recording and the hard drive light flashes.
	I was thinking about adding a pot that's somehow accessible from the front
	that will dim the lights. I suppose I could just unplug the LEDs from the
	motherboard, but that would be too easy. :-)
	-Isaac F.
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