[mythtv-users] references to "significant other"

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Thu Apr 29 15:15:24 EDT 2004

Simon Kenyon wrote:

> my last post on the subject ever!
> my wife is technically literate
> i was not offended by the term WAF
> i'm sorry i offended people with my politics

My wife, who I consider to be technically illiterate (and she agrees), 
has seen this thread and in her infinite wisdom stated:

"These guys need to get a life!"

I might also add that she would kill me if I attempted to remove the 
MythTV from the den.  She would miss "Oblivious", "Worlds Apart" and 
"Angel", and that's just unacceptable.

My kids take the same stance... it's a must-have.  Every morning the 
kids fire up MythWeather to see what it will be like.

So at my house the WAF acceptance factor has moved on to the WAF 
must-have factor.  We keep around 60 gigs of unwatched TV at any given 
time, so there's rarely a need to watch live TV.

I mean, I can't even imagine watching commercials anymore.  Or not 
watching what I want to watch at 2:00 AM.  I get frustrated when I do 
watch live TV because of the commercials.


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