[mythtv-users] RE: Dual Tuner CPU Scaling

Gregory J. McGee gjmcgee at cableone.net
Thu Apr 29 12:49:20 EDT 2004

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> Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 02:10:12 -0500
> From: Kyle E Wenda <kew4437 at exchange.uta.edu>
> Subject: [mythtv-users] Dual Tuner CPU Scaling
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> I have noticed that when performing one recording, my P4/1.8 dual-bttv
> machine will run at about 35% CPU load with MPEG4 encoding.  When
> performing two recordings, you would expect the load to be 70% or so,
> but it is not - it is pegged at about 98%.  A couple of frames from
> each
> recording are dropped per minute, but it's hardly noticeable.  My
> question is, why doesn't this scale like you would expect it to?  I
> was
> thinking I might be able to jam 3 cards into the machine, if the
> recordings scaled properly.

Record in rtjpeg and let mythtranscode do it's job of converting to
mpeg4 in the background. 

You will have much better results image wise as well, as you can turn on
HQ/4mv without dropping frames or having audio choke. 

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