[mythtv-users] motherboard in custom case

Brad Bitterman bitter at staticemi.org
Wed Apr 28 14:54:45 EDT 2004

Check out this site:


It seems from the website that there is good support for the EPIA M series
of motherboards. I'm curious if the 1GHz version with the MPEG2 hardware
assist can handle HDTV decoding. Does anyone know this?

- Brad

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Ok, now for something completely different...

In order to make my myth box look externally look like any other 
piece of my audio gear, I've managed to dig up an onkyo cd 
player that, while still functional, was pretty much worthless.

I've taken the whole thing apart and hope to build up a 
completely custom box, hoping to use the LCD area for 
some kind of clock/timer function, the remote sensor for 
an actual lirc-driven IR receiver and the cd slot for a dvd r/w 

My problem is that there doesn't appear to be enough room 
for a power supply.  Other than that, does anyone have 
any specific experience with the VIA or EPIA?  I've got 
about 9.5" x 9x5" to house the mobo.  I figure I can just 
do an external power supply.  I don't need tons of disk 
space, as I plan to nfs mount the drive where the recordings 
will be stored.  I'm also concerned about compatibility 
with on-board sound and a pvr-250/350, on-board 
networking support, and maybe even the cpu.


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