[mythtv-users] Question about specific higher channels not working

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Wed Apr 28 12:41:44 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 28 April 2004 13:08, Johnny Lee wrote:
> Wow I never new that. I am using analog cable. What exactly is IIRC? Is
> there a way I can edit my channel maps to point to where it should go to?
> Thanks for the great info. I thought I had a bad tuner card or something.

Sorry, IIRC is a geeky/loser abbreviation for If I Recall Correctly.  

For more information on cable TV frequencies, have a look here:


I just had a look in frequencies.c here :


for the channel maps, and the  US cable HRC maps are WRONG for channel 95-99.  
If you look in the lists, each one has an extra 0 on the end.  For example: 
channel 95 is listed at 900,000 where it should be 90,000.  This is probably 
causing your problem.  Is you cable system really us-cable-hrc?  If not, try 
switching to regular old us-cable.  Otherwize, your best bet may be to  
download the source, edit frequencies.c and compile your own. 

 Any developers on this list care to fix this before the next release?

> Johnny Lee
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> On Wednesday 28 April 2004 11:23, Johnny Lee wrote:
> > My mythtv system is:
> >
> > P4 2.53
> > 512MB Ram
> > Winfast Deluxe BT878 Stereo NTSC-M mode
> > Lola remote
> >
> > My problem I'm having is my channel 95 (food network) isn't working and
> > either is 96 (no clue what channel this is and I don't care). My TV can
> > tune into 95 fine but my mythtv box will not. I tried through xawtv and
> > it also can't tune to channel 95 properly. Am I doing something wrong? Is
> > there something I need to tweak?
> >
> > Johnny Lee
> There are two things that might be going on here.
> Are these channels on digital cable?  If so, you'll need to decode using
> your
> set top box.  A computer can't do a thing with those digital streams.
> If the channels are analog, you may be using the wrong channel map.  IIRC,
> channels 95-99 are in some funny frequency block.  They use the same
> frequencies as FM radio, and are actually in between channel 6 and channel
> 14.
> Mark
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