[mythtv-users] Myth Installation Problems

Graham W. Mitchell gmitch at woodlea.com
Tue Apr 27 20:34:13 EDT 2004

A re-send, since it seemed to get lost in the PC/WAF thread.....




Still working thru my latest install via Jarods guide, and somehow seem
to be running into a different set of problems from all the other


I'm at the stage where I'm doing the testing for the capture card
drivers. I have 2 PVR-250 cards and a single bttv card in this box. The
PVR-250s are /dev/video0 and video1. I've not tried setting up the bttv
card yet, as I want to get the PVR-250s working first.


I have tried a capture from the video devices, as well as using myplayer
on them direct, and I get the same result... The sound sounds fine, but
the video picture looks like it's not syncing or something.. it's
showing in diagonal lines down the screen. There is a picture there,
because I can see the colours change etc when the TV picture changes or
goes to commercial, and as I said, the sound is fine from both cards. 








Anyone have any ideas what it could be..? I know the cards are (or were)
working, as I've had this box working with myth before.





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