[mythtv-users] I've lost audio in Video and DVD modes

John Sturgeon john at sturgeonfamily.com
Tue Apr 27 17:36:35 EDT 2004

Mike Jasper wrote:

> I have a standalone mythtv box running FC1, 2.4.22-1.2188.nptl ATrpms 
> kernel, with an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card (audio via ALSA). 
> Everything was working beautifully until recently - now I'm not 
> getting audio when trying to play videos or DVDs.  However, audio is 
> fine on live and recorded TV, and when playing music via myth or 
> xmms.  I also tried playing some of my .mpg videos outside of mythtv, 
> in both mplayer and xine.  No audio.  I've re-run alsaconf to no 
> avail, and played with every setting in alsamixer and envy24control.  
> And as of tonight, mplayer crashes when I try to play a video via mythtv.
> Below is output from mplayer after starting mythfrontend from the 
> console, and trying to play a video.
> Any help is appreciated - thanks.
> --Mike

Perhaps you are being bitten by the change from alsa9 to alsa1x?  See 
mplayer -ao help, then edit your ~/.mplayer/config file accordingly.


John Sturgeon <><

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