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The reason why PC is bad (IMHO) is related to the tongue in cheek reference that I made in my earlier post.  It's because it can be taken extremely overboard.  I for one believe it best to celebrate people's differences not try to hide/normalize/detract from them.  I have always thought the PC movement attempted to move everyone to the norm and that is a very boring world.  I personally try to find interesting and different people, strangely enough they are the most fun to be around.

Saying someone is technically illiterate is not a bash or criticism.  It is a fact (just as being male or female).  A lot of people who are not technically savvy have brilliant ideas on how to better this product.

The problem with the PC movement (in my view) is that it attempted to lobotomize the language so that people couldn't have discernable differences.  This was done all in the name of "not wanting to offend".  I for one am not the smartest, sexiest, funniest, wealthiest, etc. person on the planet.  I don't get mad or take it as a slight when people say so.  I accept your opinion and continue living my life.  Please feel free to disagree with me, I feel that too is your right.  Unfortunately it becomes a paradox because if you want me to accept your view of PC being right, then you also have to accept mine that it is not :(   This of course is the crux of the dilemma



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Op dinsdag 27 april 2004 18:19, schreef Scott Francis:
> Is it just me but when people say "I'm not trying to be PC", it's basically
> an admission they are.  I find this world a much better place when people
> spend more time trying to be happy-go-lucky then attempting to find
> numerous reasons to get offended.

Could somebody explain why being 'politicaly correct' is bad perse?

And... I think the person himself didn't really get offended, but merely 
warned that there are people that might be offended. That it's polite to 
think about the feelings of others. And that there is no reason to 
("unknowingly") try to offend someone in a public place like this 

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