[mythtv-users] references to "significant other" (OT)

Jason S jms_temp at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 27 10:02:44 EDT 2004


Dude... chill... how people (politely) refer to their
significant others isn't really your concern! You
should see all the acronyms my wife has for family
members on her trying to conceive board... Just
because the majority of these guy's wives/girlfriends
don't happen to be technically savvy has nothing to do
with sexism, it's just reality for their specific

My wife will be the first to admit she doesn't know
anything about computers. And the guys who are writing
aren't worried about GUIs and the like "just because",
or because we want it... it's for their significant

Thus, the references to the spouses, GF, WAF, etc.
They drive the useability requirements a lot of times,
because we would be content the way it is. That's

- Jason

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