[mythtv-users] feature requests

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Apr 26 18:04:20 EDT 2004

Preston Crow wrote:
> No, I mean a screen that only looks at the list of shows that aren't
> supposed to be recorded.  From there, I could select a given show and
> see all the episodes that won't record the next time they're on.  This
> would have nothing to do with the current program guide.

I'm sure you have a good idea of what you mean but this is
actually a little vague and there are a few possibilities of
what you mean. I'll take a few guess but don't bite my head off
if I guess wrong ;-).

First, one of the advantages that myth has over commercial DVRs
is that the Conflicts page "All" view shows all of the showing
that matched a record rule that will not record and the reason
that it will not record. These are in line with the things that
are scheduled so you can see all of your alternatives and use
overrides (press Enter) or any attributes on the advanced options
page (press "i" twice) to change your mind.

I'll assume by your replay that this is not what you're asking.

Next, on the advanced options page (press "i" twice) there is
a button for "List upcoming episodes". This will show a Program
List (proglist) page of all showing in the current listings. As
you scroll down, the status for each showing is displayed at the
bottom of the page. Once again, you can press Enter on any item
to override or "i' for the options page.

Next, you mention "all the episodes that won't record the next
time they're on". There is a list of things that were previously
recorded or marked to not record in the future. This table is called
"oldrecorded". This is internal goop and there is no user interface
(and no need for one) to see this list. However, if you do want
the see it or modify it, use a "mysql" client. Knock yourself out
but don't screw yourself up ;-).

If you are asking if there is a list of all episodes that might
show up in the listings that aren't in the current listing, the
answer is simply "no".

--  bjm

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