[mythtv-users] Sound Issues

Jeff C myth at express.tc
Mon Apr 26 15:11:53 EDT 2004

> Okay, thanks, I'll try that. I s'pose if that doesn't work I'll have
> to ditch this mobo and get one with enough pci slots for a
> soundblaster. Only thing I can think of is the i810 sound module
> doesn't play well with myth.

Ahh you didn't mention the i810 up front.

I just installed KnoppMyth on a Compaq Evo desktop.  I mucked for a day or
two without audio from Myth and then just dropped the $50 on the SBLive.
Never did get it to work otherwise, but the SBLive worked out of the box.
I'd say it's the i810 not the PVR250.


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