[mythtv-users] Hardware Question

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Mon Apr 26 14:04:44 EDT 2004


Richard Tolley wrote:

>I'm planning on building a PVR set using MythTV, problem is the only
>hardware I currently have available is a 700mHZ processor, 512MB ram and
>an all-in-one video + sound card with the motherboard... I've read
>various websites saying what you can and cannot do with the hardware,
>but its not always that clear :|
>With the system above, would I be able to buy a cheapo wintv card and
>just run the mythtv as a backend with no frontend and purely control it
>over the web interface recording various shows? That way I can hide the
>ugly thing in a secluded closet and not have to worry about it until I
>come across some better hardware... OR would I be able to run it as a
>nice looking frontend as well, being able to watch tv, record tv, watch
>recorded tv/movies and music and such?
It will work as a frontend and backend.  The only thing you probably 
won't be able to do is watch "live TV".


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