[mythtv-users] MythTV as a non-primary device?

Jeff C myth at express.tc
Sat Apr 24 21:38:39 EDT 2004

> > Does anyone use their myth only when they want to
> > set up a prerecorded section or watch something they
> > have recorded?
> I've had my mythtv box up and running for about a week now, and
> I don't watch live TV on it for two reasons:
>   1) Changing channels takes a long time (5+ seconds). That
>      makes surfing pretty difficult.

Hmmm, what are you using for a tuner/capture card?  On my PVR 250 channel
changes are very smooth, only a slight pause.  You can accelerate the
channel change by hitting "enter" after the channel number, instead of
waiting for the timout.  16 ENTER makes it happen almost immediately, at
least on my system.

>   2) It's a bit unstable when watching weak stations: choppy
>      audio and video.

I haven't experienced this on a PVR 250 card, but most of my signals are


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