[mythtv-users] Bad News for me...a warning to all

Gerald Schepens schepens at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 23 22:45:32 EDT 2004

Re: vacuum your systems -- keeping your system clean is a good idea, but 
using a vacuum can create static which can damage your machine's 
innards.  Best to buy a can of compressed air from your local 
electronics dealer, which will let you blow the dust ouf of your system 
without creating a static hazard while cleaning it.

Plus, you can use what's left over from the can of compressed air to 
freeze-dry warts off yourself and your friends and family!  What fun...

mark wrote:

>On Friday 23 April 2004 09:33 am, Jason Donahue wrote:
>>Watch out for over heating everybody!!! I have (had) a micro-atx case
>>running my Myth setup...200GB Drive, and 2 tuner cards. All this in a
>>micro atx case generated a LOT of heat...I mean a LOT.
>>Add to this, the enclosed cabinet wher my HT equipment is held...no
>Make sure you set your alarm shutdowns.  I recently had an alarm on my
>myth box, and opened it up to find a dust ball that stopped airflow.  It had 
>been in continuous 24/7 usage for about 9 months before it hit 70C on the 
>temp sensor and the alarm went off.  Vacuum your systems!
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