[mythtv-users] Bad News for me...a warning to all

Debabrata Banerjee davatar at comcast.net
Fri Apr 23 20:29:05 EDT 2004

Athlon MP 2800 w/512K cache. Those numbers are pure cpu power, has nothing
to do with drives.

But I have 6 maxtor 160GB 5200 RPM FDB drives, on a 760mpx board w/66Mhz
pci. Which I don't recommend, this board isn't stable with all the stuff I
want to put in it.

Multiple drives per bus is absolutely fine. You're not going to get double
the performance when your 32bit/33Mhz PCI bus maxes out at 132MB/s. Maybe if
you're running a 2 or 3 drive array you might gain something worth the
trouble. It's not going to be double either. I only gain a few percent, I
benchmarked it just for fun.

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On Friday 23 April 2004 14:51, Nathan Nottingham wrote:
> > raid5: measuring checksumming speed
> >    8regs     :  3262.800 MB/sec
> >    32regs    :  2404.800 MB/sec
> >    pIII_sse  :  3499.200 MB/sec
> >    pII_mmx   :  5003.200 MB/sec
> >    p5_mmx    :  6418.000 MB/sec
> Care to give a brief run down of your setup?  My RAID 5 array is
> handicapped by having more drives than IDE buses so my numbers pale in
> comparison:
>    8regs     :  2034.000 MB/sec
>    32regs    :  1230.400 MB/sec
>    pIII_sse  :  2221.600 MB/sec
>    pII_mmx   :  2004.800 MB/sec
>    p5_mmx    :  1993.200 MB/sec
> Or maybe I'm missing something else?

Multiple driver per ATA bus will absolutely DESTROY performance. ATA is
absolute crap when it comes to multiple devices per bus. Get a PCI ATA card
for about $30, add it to your setup, and performance should at LEAST double.


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