[mythtv-users] Bad News for me...a warning to all

Ed Benckert ed at ebonmists.com
Fri Apr 23 14:38:17 EDT 2004

Software Raid 5 offers terrible performance... its ok for word documents and 
the like, but theres no way the cpu/drives will keep up with the demand of 
streaming continious MPG data to the drive, as well as reading it back at 
the same time.

It's expensive, but a beautiful solution: Promise Technology Raid 5 ATA 
controller cards. Here's a link to one:


That is a 4 channel/4 drive card. I have the 6 channel/6 drive card. It's a 
true hardware raid solution for ATA100/133 drives. I paid $250 for mine.

I do a lot of video editing and the like, and storing a DVD on a hard drive 
eats up space, so I need a lot. When a drive goes bad and you have no good 
soilution to back up a few 120 gig drives... you lose a lot of data and you 
want to murder youself :)

I had a Highpoint Raid 5 controller card, but thats crap. It's basically an 
ATA100 controller card with 4 controllers (8 channels/drives) that has 
software raid built into the drivers. The performance was ABYSSMAL. I had 5 
80 gig drives in a 320gig raid 5 array, and I couldnt move my USB mouse 
around the screen on my WinXP system without it pausing every second or so 
as the CPU choked doing the raid computations.

The Promise card is a true hardware raid. And if I remember correctly, comes 
with Linux drivers right in the box.

Oh, in addition you need to give it a DIMM for it's cache memory, there is 
none on-board. It takes up to 128mb... so right now I have a 5 drive (80gb 
each) RAID 5 system, 320gb of space, with a 128mb cache. It's beautiful.

And I've already had a drive go bad on me (it was 4+ years old). Bought a 
new drive, popped it in, rebuilt the array... and my PC was back.

Love it. Cant reccomend it enough.

Jason Donahue wrote:
> Watch out for over heating everybody!!! I have (had) a micro-atx case
> running my Myth setup...200GB Drive, and 2 tuner cards. All this in a
> micro atx case generated a LOT of heat...I mean a LOT.
> Add to this, the enclosed cabinet wher my HT equipment is held...no
> circulation.
> Well, easy to uess, my system got to hot...killed the power supply,
> which in turn somehow fried my Hard Drive. EVERYTHING lost. ouch.
> I finally had every setting PERFECT. DAMN.
> Now I get to start all over. This time I will be using network storage
> (nfs mounted from a data server, in a nice BIG and COOL case).
> Additionally, I plan on using software RAID 5, so I have the data
> redundancy. I also plan on moving 1 tuner into the frontend box in my
> bedroom...try to distribute the heat from those things.
> Anyway, thought I'd warn anyone out there...If your case seems really
> hot - prepare for disaster.
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