[mythtv-users] Cable box serial control

Bruce Smith bruce-myth8486 at energymail.com
Fri Apr 23 09:43:10 EDT 2004

> > Are you sure the problem is in your cable box?  
> > 
> > You're sure your serial cable is good and has the correct pin-out? 
> > You're sure the serial cable is plugged into the correct serial port?  
> > You're sure you're running the program to change channels correctly?
> > You're sure the serial port is active in your BIOS?
> > You're sure ... well, you get the idea.  Just checking!  :-)
> All good questions.  Bear in mind - there's no pin-out to verify - 

Well ...

> it's just a standard serial cable that you need.

A standard _straight_though_ serial cable. 
NOT a cross-over cable (aka null-modem cable)!
Makes a world of difference, and worth verifying.  :-)

Also verify the [straight through] cable is good.

> Also - just read the README
> files in the DCT2000 program archives.  (One in the Python scripts, one
> in the C program.)  Make sure that you follow the steps in BOTH, if
> necessary.

And run the programs from a bash prompt until you get them working.
Forget about Myth completely until you get the channel to change.

> If you can't convince the cable company to enable the port (Calgary,
> Canada excepted, since I remember Harondel Sibble's experiences as
> posted to the list), simply return the box to the cable office
> REPEATEDLY until they give you one that has the serial port enabled. 
> It'll make you a PITA to them, but ultimately, you'll get to know a tech
> who knows what you're talking about and can get the port enabled...
> But first, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE verify that the problem is definitely
> the cable box first...


 - BS

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