[mythtv-users] wishlist: programs that end late

S Rollins - Software and Security Issues softsecure at vivace.homelinux.net
Thu Apr 22 11:14:38 EDT 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Brian May wrote:

> What would be nice would be a feature where you can add x minutes to
> be recorded at the end of show currently being recorded.

I agree...I would find this very useful.  I've had times when I've not
estimated correctly how much extra should be added in case a sporting
event (or other live event) runs late...It is so annoying to find that the
game has been played slowly and gone into an extra end/inning/period
and/or there's been a short weather delay and the time added has been a
little too short.  It is very annoying to have to have a separate
recording for the last five minutes, if one is lucky enough to catch it.

So, if somebody's been wanting to work on this, there are at least two
others who'd like to see it.


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