[mythtv-users] / filling on attempted nuvexport

Jeff C myth at express.tc
Wed Apr 21 21:25:36 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I am trying to use NUVExport on a .14 system to extract the audio track from
a concert I recorded.  I run through the menus, select it, select .MP3 as
the output format and then watch it run.  It rapidly chews through all the
space (1.7G) on my root partition, even though I specified the output
directory to be on a different partition.  It would definitely appear that
it is using / as its temporary holding spot.  Is this unique to the MP3
export, or do all the exports do this?  

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of space there so it fills and dies and
then I have to clean up after it.  Is there somewhere I can change the temp
directory for it?



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