[mythtv-users] Free USB RF remote (just $5.90 for shipping)

Will Dormann wd at pobox.com
Wed Apr 21 15:32:30 EDT 2004

At 03:37 PM 4/15/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Here are the things you will need to get.  I think everything should be
>pretty straight forward.  Wish handles all the communication with the
>transceiver.  For the remote buttons it goes through the /dev/x10/remote
>device.  All other X10 commands go through wish's /dev/x10/a1,
>/dev/x10/a2, etc.  So if you have X10 device you can control them also.


How do your scripts work?    Is MouseRemoteFC.pl used something like the
"irxevent &" line I have in /etc/X11/Session/fluxbox  ?

If I run that script from the command prompt, I do get output when I press
buttons on the remote, like:
byte = 13 code = 16
byte = 14 code = 16
byte = 15 code = 16
byte = 17 code = 16

But what I don't get is how I would get the remote codes to interact with
MythTV?    I'm sure I'm missing something simple...


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