[mythtv-users] EPG on Frontend

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Apr 21 02:29:37 EDT 2004

Jason Donahue wrote:
> Pardon me, but I DID RTFM. As you can see in my first email, the
> frontend-only box connects to the backend, and I CAN use browse mode to
> scroll through the channels. i.e. the frontend is connecting to the
> database on the backend to fetch the channel info - but is not grabbing
> anything for the EPG.
> So, now that I've repeated myself, anyone feel like helping me? :)

No, not really. However the symptoms are consistent with having
gone thru setup again and changing your video source. If your
video source was "1" and you made a change so that it is now "2"
but your "channel" table was never cleared, your EPG would show
all the empty listing for 1000 + channum for the leftover channel
entries whereas the listings are all 2000 + channum. Browse mode
would work because it lists just the channels for the current
video source.

The surest way to fix it is to backup your database:


Next, once you are sure you have a good backup:

mysql> delete from channel;

then run "mythfilldatabase" again.

--  bjm

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