[mythtv-users] Ahanix D.Vine cases

Maarten mythtv at ultratux.org
Tue Apr 20 18:17:22 EDT 2004

On Monday 19 April 2004 14:09, blacklion at blacklion.org wrote:

> 1. Are there any problems with cooling?  I have a Chaintech 7NIF2 board
> with an AMD 2500+ Barton.  I noticed that the D.Vine cases have openings
> for 60mm case fans.  That's what I have in my current case and I don't
> like them.  Either you get a fan that moves a decent amount of air and
> you get a lot of noise, or you get a silent fan that hardly makes a
> difference.  Will I need to add fans to these cases?

Don't know about those cases but in general, the bigger the fan is, the 
quieter.  I am currently at the point that, whatever the case, I make an 
effort to hack / dremel / saw a hole for a 120mm fan into it. To hell with 
small fans, and the cases that require them...!
Then to make it really quiet you also have to buy silent fans (papst are good) 
and / or slow it down with a fancontrol (or simply a 4.7v zenerdiode is what 
I use) You'll have to monitor the temperatures, of course.
My athlon 2600+ is now at 43 degrees celsius which I think is reasonable.

> I'm also investigating the Kanam cases.  I've looked at the Antec cases,
> but I haven't seen one that doesn't look like a computer case.  I'm
> trying to get this to blend in with my other stereo components.  If
> anyone has any advice on any other nice HTPC cases, feel free to sound
> off.  Meanwhile, I'm still investigating other options that I found in
> the archives.

A backend is not easily made silent. A frontend is. Are you sure you need to 
put your backend in between your stereo ? Even 'silent' computers are not 
silent, you know... 


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