[mythtv-users] Of CVS and Spousal Acceptance.

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Tue Apr 20 17:43:49 EDT 2004

I use cvs at the house.  I like the features in it over .14.  I left a 
keyboard attached to my box and taught the wife to hit a few keys to 
reboot the box should she run into any problems.  Over all, its working 
good though.  But, I don't know about the most recent cvs update.  I 
haven't upgraded yet.


Chris Thompson wrote:

>So, after weeks and weeks of part time tinkering, my Myth setup is
>basically ready to go... in my basement.
>The TV the family watches is still fed by a crappy Scientific Atlanta/Time
>Warner "DVR".
>I've got the backend working perfectly, having given up on my M179's and
>bought two brand new PVR-250's, bringing the total to three. Yesterday I
>used MythWeb from work to schedule a recording. Got home, went into the
>basement, and watched the flawlessly recorded show.
>But I'm afraid to actually pull the trigger and move the frontend box out
>to the TV.
>Why? I'm worried about the SAF of the program guide.
>What I want is what others have requested, I want to hit M to get the EPG,
>arrow keys to move around the guide, enter to choose a channel, or R to get
>the recording menu.
>For those that don't know, in 0.14, you have to hit M again to change
>channel, and Enter pulls up the advanced options screen to set a recording.
>I've heard that 0.15 changes this behavior to do what I want. What I DON'T
>want is to push this thing on my wife, and then change the behavior on her
>in a few weeks/months when Isaac releases 0.15.
>So my question is this. Is a current CVS snapshot stable enough to be used?
>or is there, perhaps, a way to patch 0.14 to do the EPG keys the way I
>Chris Thompson
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