[mythtv-users] Re: Bleb.org down??

David myth at dgreaves.com
Tue Apr 20 13:13:21 EDT 2004

Rob Willett wrote:

>I have no ideas about the numbers of mythtv users in the UK. I would agree that
>the numbers aren't high, but would also think that we want this feed to keep
>going. I would happily pay DigiGuide (or PureTelly) their 10/year or whatever
>to get a decent integrated EPG into mythTv. Since they won't play ball, I want
>whatever we do to keep going for as long as possible so would *prefer* to try
>and keep things above board and official. 
There was a comment on the list about approaching a company.
A quick search failed - I'll research
(I too would pay for the content)

>My design is complex only if we have to use a database and even then it's not
>too much of a problem. If all we have is a daily updated XML file then simply
>copy the file and make it available. I am a great believer in keeping it simple.
>However I don't know what the process is for getting that XML file off bleb.org
>and so was simply looking at the worse case. 
yes, sorry - I just rattled of a reply - wasn't being critical (well, I
was, but in a nice way :) )
What i described was more like a simple hack to make it work - then
evolve it.

>Bittorrent is overkill but it has a lot of things already setup, like automated
>distributed downloads and load balancing. Rather than programming websites for
>mirrors, use an already existing program. The downside is that the user has to
>have bittorrent setup on their system. It is more suitable for widespread peer
>to peer distribution than for mirroring and then distribute. I think the biggest
>problem here is not the actual download of data, the XNL file is tiny, but the
>connection costs if too many people all hit a single server.
I wouldn't approach it like that - but I've been wrong before ;)
I don't think we're doing p2p - we all want to be clients to a trusted
resilient master.

Lets split the p2p clients into 2 groups - those with data to share
(I'll call them servers) and those without (clients)
Where does a p2p peer server get the data to share? running tv_grab_uk_rt?
For what channels? All of them? and how are they distributed? As big
xmltv's (ugh - I only want a few channels)

>I think what you're saying is that we should setup an independent TV XML file
>distribution service independent of bleb.org. I have no problem with that but
>was originally replying back to mirroring bleb.org. If we setup our own service
>then what you say makes sense. 
I suppose I am - but only 'cos bleb doesn't do what I (and others) want,
and Andrew's too busy having a life to reply (sensible chap) - and
indeed you were - no offense ;)


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