[mythtv-users] Remote Control Recommendations??

Ben Brown mythtv at handcoder.com
Tue Apr 20 11:19:15 EDT 2004

Your setup probably has little to do with the Tivo remote and more to do 
with the IR Reciever.  You say you bought a receiver, but not what kind 
of reciever.  Many of the commercial recievers are based on the libirman 
package.  I don't think any of the lirc packages come built with this 

Your best bet is probably to build lirc from scracth with all the 
appropriate settings for you IR Reciever.  The Myth Documentation has 
some pretty good overview instructions for building lirc. 


Robert Teed wrote:
> Hello Ben,
> I purchased a Tivo remote off ebay and an ir receiver from some company 
> in Denmark. It works in windows with  wintv software. I cant figure out 
> how to install Lirc in Linux. Im running Fedora core 1.
> Im kind of new to Linux, I have tried it many times before, Fedora seems 
> to be a good distro, I have a fully working mythtv setup with the 
> exception of my remote control. I do not have a pvr 250 or 350. Im using 
> a wintv card, works great.
> Can you explain to me how to setup Tivo and Lirc using Fedora ?  I have 
> used Jason Wilsons guide to get my system running but cant seem to
> follow the instructions for the Lirc part of it. I use "YUM" to download 
> and install programs.
> Any thing you can tell me to help me out? It might have something to do 
> with Kernel?
> You can email me off list at robteed at msn.com
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>> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Remote Control Recommendations??
>> Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 14:51:01 -0500
>> I love tivo remotes.  I've got one in the bedroom and living room. 
>> They're easy to use and comfotable.  There good for the WAF since you 
>> program the big green button as enter and the big red button as 
>> escape.      Green means Go.  Plus they are cheap, you can pick them 
>> up on ebay brand new for $6-10
>> Ben
>> Jarod C. Wilson wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> On Monday 19 April 2004 09:07, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>>>> I've used the StreamZap remote with success 
>>>> (http://www.streamzap.com) and
>>>> as a bonus it comes with the USB IR receiver that does have an LIRC 
>>>> driver
>>>> available (you have to patch the code but it's on sourceforge).  
>>>> Actually,
>>>> I don't even use that remote now as I'm using a cheap All-in-Wonder PVR
>>>> remote with the receiver now but it also worked just fine.
>>> There's also the XP Media Center remote and USB receiver route. 
>>> NewEgg has them bundled together for $35. Personally, I use an XP MCE 
>>> USB receiver with a RadioShack 15-2116 universal remote, which 
>>> controls my Myth box, my amp, my tv, my cable box, my CD changer, my 
>>> DVD player and my toaster.
>>> (Okay, so it doesn't control the toaster ;-).
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>>>>> From: Bryan Ware
>>>>> Okay,
>>>>>     I am going to set up a front-end server to connect to
>>>>> my Existing MythTV server. Any one want to let me know what a
>>>>> good remote form this is? I use the PVR-x50 remote on the
>>>>> Back-end but don't want to buy a PVR card for this front-end.
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