[mythtv-users] Lirc Support

Colin Bell colinb at gatewest.co.uk
Mon Apr 19 14:08:05 EDT 2004

Further investigation now leads me to the fact that LIRC support is 
compiled into this particular RPM. Cruising through previous messages, 
I find that a few people have had similar problems as I described 
below. I get the following error in my mythfrontend log file:

mythtv: could not connect to socket
mythtv: No such file or directory

Research into this tells me that these messages are lirc related.

I have requested verbose stdout from mythfrontend but it doesnt 
indicate what socket it couldn't open or what file or directory it is 
looking for.

Can anyone help ?



On 19 Apr 2004, at 12:07, Colin Bell wrote:

> Hi all
> I installed my Mythtv from a RPM install from "Thacs RPMs for Mandrake 
> 9.2" (http://rpm.nyvalls.se/index9.2.html). I'm using the remote fron 
> the PVR 250. Its working properly when I run irw, but I get nothing in 
> Mythtv. I have copied over hauppauge-lircrc-nativelirc to 
> ~/.mythtv/lircrc as described in the excellent documentation. I also 
> followed the same documentation to compile and install Lirc.
> The install documentation mentions that you must change your 
> settings.pro file and compile Mythtv with native lirc support in order 
> to use the remote control.
> What I need to know is:
> Does anyone know if the above RPM was compiled with Lirc support or am 
> I going to have to build Mythtv myself in order to use the the remote. 
> If anyone has any suggestions on this, I look forward to hearing from 
> you.
> Thanks
> Colin_______________________________________________
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