[mythtv-users] Myth Box Locks-up after recording

Colin Bell colinb at gatewest.co.uk
Mon Apr 19 03:37:36 EDT 2004

Dwayne, you are a hero, that seems to have sorted it. Since I switched 
off commercial flagging I've done several recordings without a crash! 
Thanks very much for taking the time to give me that golden tip. 
Someone might want to take a look at that little problem.



On 15 Apr 2004, at 22:26, Dwayne B wrote:
> This is a long shot, but in your setup do you have 'Automatically Flag
> Commercials' enabled?  This would lock my box up hard and I would have 
> to
> reboot; and the symptoms were like yours.  It would look up about 
> after about
> the same time after a recording.  I have a PVR 250 & PVR 350, KT266A 
> chipset
> and a Athlon 1.4 Tbird.  After I disabled automatic commercial 
> flagging, the
> box is very stable now.

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