[mythtv-users] oldrecorded and auto-pruning

Dan Boger mythtv at peeron.com
Sun Apr 18 22:33:54 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I use mythtv to record quite a few shows, that I don't watch on a
regular basis.  I just want there to be say, 5 eps of Law and Order so
if I do feel like it, I could watch that for an evening.  So I set it up
to automatically record it on any channel, at any time, and keep only 5
episodes, recording new and deleting old.  

Works great.

But I have one question.  If I tell myth not to record duplicates, then
there would be many eps that would be deleted without me ever seeing
them, and then not get recorded again.  So that's my question:

If auto-deleting shows adds them to the oldrecorded table? Or does it
just silently delete them as if they were never there, and only when I
delete manually would an episode never be recorded again?

If it's the former, is there something I can do to make it act like the
latter?  If it's the latter, great!  I just want to make sure :)



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