[mythtv-users] mythtranscode possible bug?

Pigeon pigeon at pigeond.net
Sun Apr 18 02:33:58 EDT 2004

Hi all,

    I'm hoping this is not just an illusion I have with my ears :)

    It seems that when mythtranscode is used with -f (i.e. using fifo
for video and audio output), the audio output becomes a double of one of
the 2 channels. So it's still a 2-channel audio, but both channels seems to be
either left or right.

    I realized this from using nuvexport, cos all the videos I exported
are having this problem.

    I'm wondering if anyone on the list might be able to do a test and
confirm this bug.

    Also I have a brief read in the code
(programs/mythtranscode/transcode.cpp), mainly around the TranscodeFile
function, but I couldn't figure out anything yet.

    Thanks a lot.


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