[mythtv-users] Sound wierdness watching tv (probably config problem)

Brennan Hildebrand brennanmh at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 17 16:37:46 EDT 2004

I'm running mythbackend on a dual PIII 550 system running mandrake 10 
(kernel 2.6.3).
It's got 512 megs ram, enough disk space for recording, an nvidia 
geforce2mx, and, the important bits,
a hauppage wintv capture card (bttv based) and a soundblaster live 
card.  I have the capture card sound
connected to the soundblaster through the supplied cable.

Now, when I run a frontend on the same machine and watch live tv I get 
sound, The delay of the video is intollerable, but at least I get sound.

I also have an xbox frontend.  When I try and watch live tv I get no 
sound through the xbox, but it comes through the speakers of the 
backend.  It appears the sound isn't routing properly.

I get this problem both with and without btaudio loaded.

Does anyone have an idea here?  All I want is for the sound to come out 
at the xbox, not on the server.  It would be nice it it was synched with 
the video as well, I suppose.


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