[mythtv-users] transcoding shows after recording

Mitko Haralanov voidtrance at comcast.net
Sat Apr 17 16:29:03 EDT 2004

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004 08:36:42 -0400
"J. Donavan Stanley" <jdonavan at jdonavan.net> wrote:

> The transcoder profiles refer to your SOURCE format, so you'd want to 
> work with the MPEG2 profiles and set them to transcode to MPEG4 in the
> codec section.

I don't even get a MPEG4 option. The only choice under MPEG-2
Encoders->Low Quality->Video Compression is "MPEG-2 Hardware Encoder".
That is true not only for the Low Quality but for every one of the
possibilities. Did I miss installing something that will enable MPEG4?

> What bit rates are you using to get that large of file and how big is 
> your original file?  MPEG4 can use much lower rates.> 

I am using 3000 for Low Quality. I am not sure about the original files
but with the old settings (I lowered the bit rate a bit), it was about
12G for 30mins

> Chances are, you 
> don't want this unless you want to transcode the commercials as well.

When it does that transcoding which profile does it use? The MPEG-2
Encoders or Transcoders?

Mitko Haralanov
voidtrance at comcast dot net
Algol-60 surely must be regarded as the most important programming
language yet developed.
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