[mythtv-users] Odd playback problem

Brian Preston-Campbell brian at preston-campbell.com
Fri Apr 16 15:16:28 EDT 2004

I am having an odd problem that just came about when I tried to play back a 
movie I had recorded.  I can play 1/2 hour shows on my dedicated frontend 
without a problem.  When I try to play a movie, it stops and automatically 
returns to the playback menu, usually within the first 8 minutes.  The two 
machines are on a wired 100mhz LAN, the capture card is Hauppauge WinTV BT878 
and it resides in the backend.  I have checked all of my settings and the 
logs from both machines have not yielded any results.  I did not find 
anything in the list archives like this, has anyone else experienced this 


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