[mythtv-users] Re:MythTV Help Website

Dr. N. Andrew Swain andy at stygian.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 16 06:32:45 EDT 2004

I can't do sgml patches - I don't even know what they are, but I have some
one line tips that would have saved me weeks (I did read the docco and
search the lists - Thats how long it took me to find the information I
needed!) I would happily contribute those to a wiki but they don't belong
in official documentation.

Why don't we put up the wiki, give it 2 months and review the results. If
it's a useful resource that mostly maintains itself - make it official and
link it from the Myth homepage. If its a mess or no-one contributes -
delete it before it gets out of date.

I don't have the bandwidth to host it but I would be prepared to try
unofficially moderating it - ie put up some initial pages, suggested
styles for contributors to follow and try to keep the content tidy.  I
already have my own "how I built my myth box" notes on a wiki and I
couldn't live without it. (well I could, but I couldn't maintain the

I am fairly new to Myth and linux but have worked with wikis a lot and
like them, using my own wiki to remember how to do things has really
helped - I have a LOT of sympathy with people who have trivial problems
and find it hard to get answers by searching the list.

John(was it?) put up the wiki - i will contribute and if you want me to
moderate it informally I will do that too - let me know - I don't want to
step on anyones toes - I just want to make it easier for people like me
cos at the moment its hard!

(I might be busy the next week or so our third baby is due 2 days ago!)

Andy Swain


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