[mythtv-users] How can I get good picture through Xv

Peter Martens peter.martens at home.nl
Thu Apr 15 14:58:51 EDT 2004

I 've finally managed to set up MythTV, using an Asus Pundit and a PVR-350,
thanks to Jarod 's guide. There is only one problem i 'm struggling with at
the moment. Probably this isn't really the right place to post it, let me
I installed everything (only for ivtv I used latest CVS) from ATrpms
packages. The sis driver from T. Winischhofer.
Video through Xv is really crappy. There are vertical lines, about 2cm good
picture, then 2cm horrible picture (wrong colour, speckles...), then again
2cm good picture and so on. (maybe a difficult way to describe something
well known, but I don't know). When I play through X11 (e.g. mplayer -vo
x11), there is no problem.
It seems though that my Xvideo is broken. I don 't know how to fix this....
Who can help me with this issue?
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