[mythtv-users] RE: Invalid date; & permission denied

Zaakiy Siddiqui zaakiy at nticon.com.au
Thu Apr 15 09:18:27 EDT 2004

Thanks Daniel, I will try that.

Unfortunately I've blown my system by doing a foolish thing which is
totally unrelated to myth, so I wont mention it here. 

Meaning I will have to rebuild my system.    Now that I know much more
about MythTV I hope that when I set everything up  again in the right
sequence and do things properly that I won't get the same  problem
again.  But if I do, I will try your suggestion Daniel.

Thanks dude!
Zaakiy Siddiqui 

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run 'which tv_grab_au' to make sure that you're using the same
tv_grab_au script that you've been changing permissions on.

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Hi all,
I've installed MythTV (no capture card yet - but that should come soon).
When I try to run mythfilldatabase, I get the following messages:
QTime::setHMS Invalid time 28:00:00.000                   
QDate::setYMD: Invalid date 2935-93-02                    
----------------- Start of XMLTV output ----------------- 
nice: tv_grab_au: Permission denied                       
------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------ 
Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file                      
QTime::setHMS Invalid time 28:00:00.000                   
QDate::setYMD: Invalid date 2935-93-02                    
Failed to fetch some program info                         
So the 2 main issues from that text: (1) Permission Denied   (2) Invalid
date and time  -- something to do with the date format?????
I have set permissions for the tv_grab_au directory and everything in it
to 777 and still get the same message.
Thanks for taking the time to read this message.
Zaakiy Siddiqui
Sydney, Australia

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