[mythtv-users] trying to get my gamepad working with mythgame

Mike Jasper e394td at comcast.net
Thu Apr 15 02:35:33 EDT 2004

Joe Votour wrote:

> Mike,
> Make sure that you're telling xmame to use the
> gamepad, by default I don't think that it will.
> You'll need to use the argument "-jt 4" (I think), if
> I recall correctly, this tells xmame to use the Linux
> x86 joystick support.
> I found that I had better success putting it in an
> xmamerc file than using the MythGame configuration.

Turns out I had incorrect parameters in ~/.xmame/xmamerc.  Here's the 
xmamerc that's working for me in mythgame:

	use_joystick    1
	joytype         4
	joydevname      /dev/input/js0
	analogstick     0

Now, I'd like to be able to control more of the game controls using the 
gamepad.  Namely, I want to use the gamepad to do the keyboard 
equivalent of 5 (insert coin), 1 (single player), CTRL (fire/action - 
this is the only gamepad button that's already working, by itself), and 
ESC (quit).  Anyone know if this is possible?  I investigated using 
'mapkey' within xmamerc, but don't see a way to map keys to joystick 
buttons (it just maps key to key as far as I can tell).


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