[mythtv-users] trying to get my gamepad working with mythgame

Mike Jasper e394td at comcast.net
Wed Apr 14 01:13:29 EDT 2004


I have a Logitech Wingman Cordless RumblePad USB game controller that 
I'm trying to use with xmame/mythgame.  I have a Fedora box with myth 
installed, running the latest atrpms kernel per Jarod's guide, and 
mythgame works great when using the keyboard.

The gamepad is recognized by the system.  When I do

	$ jstest --event /dev/input/js0

I can see the events scrolling by as I click buttons, etc. on the 
gamepad.  However, when I try to use the gamepad with mythgame, it 
doesn't have any effect.

I'm loading the following modules:


I also tried adding the following to /etc/modules.conf, based on a 
previous post:

	alias char-major-13 analog
	pre-install analog modprobe joydev

But that made no difference.  Can anyone help me get this working? 
Thanks :-)

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