[mythtv-users] disabling unused parts

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 13 15:34:17 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 13 April 2004 14:44, ginster at charter.net wrote:
> Hello All,
> This is my first post and I've searched through the archives, but was
> unable to find an answer to my question.  So here goes:
> I've been looking for a good player for music files.  I want to build
> a box that will basically just be a jukebox for mp3s.  So I looked
> around at the different distributions and such that do this and
> MythTV was the only one that perfectly matches what I'm looking for. 
> The only problem is I'm not interested in the TV aspects of it.  I
> know this is the whole point to MythTV so I hope I don't start a
> flame war.  But I've been having troubles getting it up and running
> (I've been following the Fedora Myth(TV)ology HOWTO) and suspect that
> my problems might be because I can't get it setup without a capture
> card.  I have an old $30 one that I suppose I can install just to get
> past the setup, but I was wondering if there was a way to disable all
> the TV related functionality.

Don't run mythbackend if you don't want the TV functionality.  All the 
plugins (mythmusic, mythvideo, mythweather, mythgallery, mythdvd, etc) 
will work fine without it.

You can edit the menu files (xml files in <installation dir>/share/
mythtv) to remove buttons for features you don't use.

> As far as I can tell I don't even need 
> MySQL, but unless I'm doing something wrong, MythTV has a problem
> running w/o one.

You *do* need MySQL for all aspects of Myth.

> Any advice on how to disable certain parts of MythTV?  Or should I
> just install a capture card, go through the entire setup, and ignore
> the parts I'm not interested in?

No need to install a capture card if you don't want to use it.


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