[mythtv-users] transcoder locks system?

Andy Swain andy at stygian.demon.co.uk
Tue Apr 13 12:55:20 EDT 2004

"Joseph A. Caputo" <jcaputo1 at comcast.net> wrote
>When you say 'transcoding', do you mean transcoding using 
>'transcode' (i.e., MythDVD - Rip DVD), or do you mean transcoding Myth 
>recordings with mythtranscode (or hit 'X' while watching a recording)?

Crashes running MythTranscode to transcode myth recordings to Mpeg 4 or when using the command line transcode to convert video files from one format to another. 
I play DVDs with xine no problem and I do not seem to have a problem ripping dvds using Myth but can't be 100% sure.

Thanks everyone for the help I am testing the memory now.


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