[mythtv-users] Myth w/Directv

Tom Elsesser telsesser at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 13 07:52:44 EDT 2004

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004 17:24:33 -0500, Chris Thompson
<ct-myth at cthompson.com> wrote:

>The key here is to "unthink" how you would normally think about TV.

Yes, that's what I've been gathering these last few days.

>>From Each RCA box there are three cables. An Svideo and an audio cable go
>to each of the cards respectively.

Audio as well, since you are using the s-video, correct?

>I got RCA.pl as the others have said. I made three copies of it as
>"/usr/local/bin/tuner_a.pl" tuner_b.pl and tuner_c.pl with each one having
>a different serial port, and set those scripts as how to change channels on
>my three tuners.

Here is where I finally saw a light go off. I was thinking the DTV box
was still changing the channels and navigating menus and feeding it to
myth thru the serial line. Apparently, this is backwards. I use the
i/r receiver that came with the pvr-250, plugging that into the
pvr250, and that changes channels thru the backend out the serial port
to the DTV box.

>My frontend has no capture card, it has no DirecTV box. This is what I mean
>about unthinking. There's really no reason to have the tuner or the DTV box
>out under the TV, leave it with the backend.

I wanted to have the backend in the "control room" of my house, using
a kvm between that and my XP game machine, and have the frontend in
the basement controlling the tv down there. If my thinking on the i/r
receiver is (finally) correct, I would need to extend the i/r receiver
by about 50 feet to have it reach the tv from the backend. 

>The frontend box mounts the backend box over NFS, placing the file store in
>the same directory as on the backend (in my case /u/mythtv).
>You fire up mythfrontend, tell it you want to watch live TV, and it tells
>the backend to start grabbing from a card and writing it to the disc, then
>begins playing that video file over NFS, which has way more than enough
>bandwidth. (Some people do this over wireless)

That sounds great, and I am getting a little fired up about the
project. Once I get the logistics worked out, your setup seems a lot
like the one I would implement. Thanks for the input.


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