[mythtv-users] transcoder locks system?

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Tue Apr 13 02:38:50 EDT 2004

Hi Andy,

I had a very similar lockup problem with my box (Athlon-XP +2400 on a 
KV7 motherboard with Nvidia MX440 AGP)

Check your memory (memtest86) do the full suite of tests as this will 
either show that your memory is knackered or you shoudl trust it.

Check that your CPU is installed correctly and its not overheating.. So 
lm_sensors and a linux CPU utility called burn. Basicly  run the 
lm_sensors and find out what your machines idle temps are then run burn 
and watch your temps rise and hopefuly stabilize.

Or you can check what fixed mine which was the motherboard bios version, 
I could relably crash the box with transcode in 10-50 mins. I've not had 
a single lockup problem since I upgraded..

Hope this helps..


Andy Swain wrote:
> I have a Athlon KnoppMyth system with a PVR250 and its great
> only problem is it locks up a lot (every 5-10 minutes) if I do any kind 
> of transcoding
> The machine is totally locked - no ctrl-alt-f1, no ssh or web access. So 
> it must be a driver problem I think?

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