[mythtv-users] How is personal setup stored?

Bathelt, Manfred Manfred.Bathelt at 3SOFT.de
Mon Apr 12 16:26:58 EDT 2004

I use MythTV for some month now and my family is _very_ pleased about it.
After vaporizing my PCs power supply last weekend and now getting some new hardware, I think about installing MythTV + Linux on a CDROM or USB memory, to allow spindown of my disks while idling (and save energy/heat/noise).
My question is:
where is the personal setup of MythTV stored? I mean which movie to record, whether to record it once or every day,...
Is it stored within mySQL or using some config-files?
I do not care about the EPG stuff stored within mySQL, as this could be rebuilt in ramdisk after each reboot, but user settings should persist reboots. 
If mySQL is used for all of this data, I can probably forget this vision for now, as I do not want to try to run mySQL on CDROM/USB flash memory, and probably will not be able to force mysql not to touch the hard disks over longer periods of time...
Has anybody ever tried to install MythTV+Linux on a read only system which spinned down hard discs?
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