[mythtv-users] Enhancement request?

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Mon Apr 12 13:49:16 EDT 2004

Maybe you could try reading the docs for lirc?


Maybe you could also try searching say. . . google before you post. . . 
"mythtv lirc socket" in google, third link down gets me: Mailing List 
Archive: MythTV: Dev: native lirc support for ... 
... So I wrote code (a class) to connect to the /dev/lircd socket and 
send the proper
commands to ... Then I found the existing lirc native support in mythtv. ...


>  I think it would be great if lirc always directed its output to
>  mythfrontend, regardless of what was in the foreground.
>  Sometimes I'm doing other things on the computer and I forget that I
>  don't have mythfrontend in the foreground, so when I press buttons on
>  the remote, they don't do anything.
>  Maybe there's a good reason why the system is set up that way that
>  I'm not aware of. But if there isn't, I think it'd be cool for lirc
>  to send its output to mythfrontend specifically rather than just
>  whatever's in the foreground. I'm sure there are dozens of ways this
>  could be accomplished. Maybe lirc could make its output available to
>  programs via a socket that clients connect to? Maybe something
>  interesting could be done with pttys?
>  Just a random thought on a Monday.
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