[mythtv-users] DVB support using ATrpms mythtv packages

Jonathan Edwards Jonathan.Edwards at Unilever.com
Mon Apr 12 09:24:50 EDT 2004


I've searched the mailing list and google and not really come up with
anything definitive to answer my question.

I've been following Jarod's Fedora mythtv guide, which installs mythtv-suite
using apt-get and rpm's.
The guide is very good indeed but unfortunately the RPM's dont seem to
support DVB cards. Very annoying, ....for me anyway.

I ended up, after much faffing about due to other problems as well,
reinstalling my system and building mythtv manually, which involved
downloading lots of prerequisites, some in RPM form and some source and
compiling it all.

I'm now up and running again and mythTv is going well.

But incase I want to rebuild my system again, I wanted to know if it's
possible to use the apt-get method to get all of the dependencies and
add-ons installed and then just download the mythtv source and "make
install" it over the top of everything?

Is this possible? has anyone done this?



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