[mythtv-users] Perfect XF86Config for Philips 34PW9817 HDTV

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sat Apr 10 22:02:44 EDT 2004

Just to save someone else the work, here is my XF86Conf file that gives
perfect (virutally no overscan) picture with 540p timings so it fakes the
set into 1080i mode. This was tested on my Philips 34PW9817 monitor.

ModeLine "824x468in540p" 37.26 824 944 1048 1104 468 514 528 563 +hsync

You know what they say. Real men dont back things up, they just release it
to the world and let someone else keep a copy on a server somewhere. :)

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